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Dorothy J. Mendoza
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Dorothy Mendoza prefers painting with watercolor and gouache (an opaque watercolor medium).  She also loves working in oils, acrylics, and mixed media.  Constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches toward painting, she says, "There seem to be many artists within me.  On any given day, I may begin work with a large brush in loose transparent washes, and an hour later, I will be using a smaller brush doing very linear details in my landscapes."

Recently, Dorothy has used the collage process of layering different papers to increase the textural element of her paintings.  The landscape paintings on rice paper employ both approaches, loosely glazed washes and much line.

Dorothy resides in Pueblo, Colorado, with her husband, artist John L. Mendoza.

"It's a wonderful life, to be able to do what one loves.  Each day I approach my work with hope and gratitude.  My work is a prayer that beauty will come; that my paintings with transcend the hardships of living, and focus on what is great about being alive."

Dorothy J. Mendoza:
Native Coloradan
Bachelor of Arts in Art - University of Southern Colorado
New York Phoenix School of Design
University of Colorado
Scottsdale Artist school of Arizona

Private Study and Workshops:
Herman Raymond
Judi Betts
Barbara Neccis
Frederick Wang
Gerald Brommer
Orlin Helgoe

Shows and Honors:
Colorado State Fair Art Exhibition
Northeastern Junior College - Sterling, CO.
A.R. Mitchell Memorial Museum - Trinidad, CO.
Southeastern Colorado Arts Council - Lamar, CO.
Women's Forum 10 Anniversary Art Show - Denver, CO.
University of Southern Colorado - Pueblo, CO.
Women Artists of the Southwest - Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
Artist-in-Residence - University of Southern Colorado
KTSC-TV Featured Artist
Created Set Designs for Impossible Playhouse Productions: "The Tempest" and "The Importance of Being Earnest"


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